9-5 02-05 Honeycomb grille

8000 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
Molded smooth 9-5 02+
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Honeycomb grille-set for the 9-5 2002+ 3-split grille.
Doesn't fit the earlier model with a single piece for the grille.
Snap-on/bolt-on design, but it's custom made so there is bound to be differences. Your front may be crooked or distorted without you knowing it.

It's molded for a good finish and painted matte-black.

The mesh is made to be worn without the centerpiece detail, but i've included a piece if you want it there anyway.
You need to cut off the centered plastic stick/tip thing on the back of the detail otherwise it wont fit. But only the one in the middle, the rest is used to squeeze it on for a nicer fit.

Though it has been tried on several cars, your's can be different. If it's sitting loose, you will need to attach it with e.g doublesided tape, or siliconeglue. Or go nuts and ziptie it.