3-piece Honeycomb (9-3 MY08+)

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Custom made, 3D-printed Honeycomb mesh for the 9-3 2008+ facelift. Please note that the griffin-silverdetail from the latest model does not fit, only the previous one.

Printed on a high-resolution SLA-printer then made into a perfect mold, and vacuumcasted with a special resin to make a strong, yet flexible material to resist all the elements of the year on the road! ice, rain, heat and the occasional stone.

All the brackets are custom made to fit exactly like an original-grill would do, no glue required, just bolt on. As it should be.
But like any aftermarket part, yours may differ just slightly that you might have to press harder on one point or looser on another. Or your front may be crooked and have to be guided in.

Show some attitude with the honeycomb mesh in the front!

Purchases of multiple sets gives some discount, let us know and we will quote you!

*To order this item, let us know at "order(at)studiodufva.se"*

We ship internationally and in a heavy-duty box. We don't want no broken stuff.
Due to the size of the grilles they are sent one set per box internationally. Unless you are purchasing 5+ then we can combine shipping and probably make it lower in costs.
Within some countries in Europe we can offer some discounted shipping when purchasing more than one, this is calculated automatically.

Contact us if you don't get any good shipping on multiple sets. We'll check it manually due to all of the different countries have different sizes and such.