9-5 02-05 Honeycomb grille

2699 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
Comment to store:
Honeycomb grille-set for the 9-5 2002+ 3-split grille.
Doesn't fit the earlier model with a single piece for the grille.
Snap-on/bolt-on design, sits as it should, no glue or tape needed.

Comes with a special mount for fitting the silver centerpiece aswell if you'd like it to be there aswell (Some modification is needed on the detail for a proper fitment)

2 Different versions, one is preorder for the molded version, smooth and probably more durable than the other one, which is FDM printed, which gives a smooth finish aswell, but there will be "lines" visible when checked up close.
FDM-Version also has a few days of manufacturing but is made-to-order, and will be sent when done.